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Desteni Productions: History of Mankind

Desteni’s History of Mankind series presents itself as true testimony from some spirit named Jack. Even if one accepts that Jack is indeed a real spirit or demon or whatever, the story which Jack relays in these videos is absurd to the extreme. While reading the text feed of the videos which a Desteni follower has (thankfully) decided to religiously transcribe, I was reminded of the character Brian (played by Jim Breuer) from the movie Half Baked. It was almost as if Brian wrote the entire thing while puffing on a joint and going “Whoa!” and “Yeah!” in between. The reason I say this is because Jack will describe things in very ambiguous and non specific terms while constantly using the word “Specific.” Also, Jack, like Bernard Poolman, loves to insert the terms “Interesting” and “Fascinating” repeatedly through the story. However, unlike Brian, Jack’s story about history, within the context of Desteni, is not really funny or amusing since people are taking it seriously. 

The story begins with a universe filled with fuzzy galaxies and fuzzy planets. I use the term “fuzzy” here to describe how Jack tries to relay information about things which don’t exist in our own dimension. In this way, a planet is a planet but not precisely a planet the way we know it. Gold is gold but not precisely the gold we know. Jack seems to have trouble describing something which he should be intimately familiar with. While I’ll admit that an extradimensional experience might be hard to describe, an entity as old as Jack should have little trouble giving more defining and vastly more details. Jack also likes to chime in with statements “You are probably wondering….” In many cases, a reasonable viewer or reader would not have been wondering about the questions that Jack spotlights. For example, Jack says “Now, you’re probably wondering, “Where is the city of gold?”/“Where was the city of gold?” The city of gold was within this solar system, within this universe/existence.” Before this Jack never even mentioned a city of gold but merely stated that Anu and his race needed gold to survive. Regardless, Jack’s tedious story slugs along with few characters and an elaborate towering scheme of immensely needless proportions. 

What I’m going to try and show here is the vast problems which Jack’s story has through comparison with known reality and an appeal to reason. Some information which is widely accepted by modern scientists will probably not be acceptable to a follower of Desteni as it would be perceived as a deception. Therefore, my argument will be based on what can be directly observed and reasoned in the present time without resorting to scientific methods of dating. This works well since Jack’s conception of time is also very fuzzy. Many of Desteni's History of Mankind series can be found in text here: desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum.php

1. The Gold Problem

Not only does Desteni have a money problem, but the new age group has a gold problem as well. In History of Mankind, Desteni relates how gold was not a naturally occurring substance on Earth. However, for some reason Anu needed or thought he needed it for his race to continue. Before coming to Earth, Anu and his race gathered gold from other planets or stars. 

Usually, to obtain gold, they had a specific planet. Basically, I don’t know how to describe it exactly; but it was black, and there was coal. Let’s take a sun that burns out, and it remains this big round coal basically, and it’s fusing with all sorts of gasses and burning liquids, et cetera (like a volcano, like a massive round volcano, or something like that). Now, it’s lava (but not lava exactly) that was in the center of this planet. HoM2 The Reptilians

What Jack seems to be describing here is a black dwarf. Black dwarves are hypothetical remnants of stars that pass through all stages of stellar life. None are known to exist due to the age of the universe and the time required for a white dwarf to cool into a black dwarf. Jack doesn’t seem to understand what coal is since coal starts off as plant matter. But, for the sake of argument, I’ll just pretend that Jack is using coal here as a descriptive term. Jack also makes the mistake of saying that the star is still fusing gases. If this were the case, the star would still be generating thermonuclear reactions along with tremendous heat and light. But, the History of Mankind sloppily continues:

Of course, they had methods and methodologies of how to obtain gold and actually manifest gold from that planet. But, eventually--it’s almost just like a star--it exploded and, firstly, killed all the Annunaki races who worked there to obtain the gold necessary for their planet. That was the only method they had. Previously--a long, long, long time ago--the forefathers of the Annunaki race used meteorites. There was gold from there as well; but then, later, that also ran out. HoM2 The Reptilians

So now Jack is describing some vague place that was like a planet or a star where gold was produced. And then for some reason it exploded like Praxis in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Before this, the Annunaki had gathered gold from meteorites. So Desteni would have everyone believe that Anu depleted all of the gold from everywhere else in the universe? This is absurd. Spectral analysis of HgMn stars (stars that have strong abundance in mercury and manganese) indicates the presence of gold (presently and stretching back into the past) in other parts of the universe. Did Anu just overlook these? And since the Annunaki are not physical beings, they should have had few problems getting the gold since having a city at the earth’s core gave them little trouble. 



But, Jack’s strange tale continues on. Anu along with the Atlanteans made a way for this gold substance to manifest in their realm, specifically in the Earth’s core. Harvesting this gold dimensionally was inefficient from Anu’s perspective. To make a long story short, Anu along with other races created humanity in order to harvest or mine the gold. In some ways this has the same story which Zecharia Sitchin gives for humanity. However, according to Sitchin, the Anunnaki merely modified an existing humanity which was already in place existing as Neanderthals or an earlier version of hominid. The Desteni story which Jack gives has a few more problems here. First, Desteni claims that there is an abundance of gold at the Earth’s core. However, volcanoes and the Earth’s electromagnetic shield reveal that the core is mostly made of iron. If gold is so abundant at the core, shouldn’t people be able scavenge sizable amounts of it every time a volcano goes off? The next problem arises from claiming that humans were designed to mine gold from the earth.

Why were these systems programmed? Firstly, they were programmed to do a specific task, which was first the initial necessity for man on Earth, to dig out gold. So, how were they programmed? They were programmed to, basically, move their arms. The brain system was programmed for the rest of the physical body (the organs, et cetera) to move automatically. The breathing, of course, was automatic. Everything was automated systematically. Please remember, it was automated systematically. In terms of their tasks (which was to dig out gold), that was programmed into each one. HoM18 Programming Humans

This is clearly ridiculous. If mankind was designed to dig out gold from the earth, we would be more resistant to toxic gases, able to cope with living underground indefinitely, able to see naturally in the dark, have a toughened skin and skeletal structure, be physically stronger, and be more resistant to extreme temperatures. In this way, Morlocks from H.G. Wells’ Time Machine would be a more appropriate creature than mere modern human beings. While Desteni claims that the human design was to aid in recovering gold through our ability to reason and develop tools, it is a very weak argument at best. It is equivalent to using a spoon to hammer nails. Why is that humans are best thing that Anu and his team could come with for purposes of mining gold? Were Anu and his fellow reptilians really that stupid? Personally, I could think of several variations of humanity (and non humans) which would accomplish the task with far greater efficiency.

2. The Reincarnation Memory Problem

Another problem which Desteni’s back-story has is their claim concerning reincarnation. Supposedly, Anu and his team of ancient conspirators created a dimensional level where all human/Atlanteans would go after dying in the physical world. Once entering this realm, the person would lose all memories.

So, Anu said, “Right. Once we capture these beings, we’re going to place them all in this dimension. Because, in this dimension, they’re first going to have to be implanted with that mind placement so that it can connect to the crystals, so that who they are is suppressed and they don’t remember a thing, so that--when they come into this human physical form--that center point within their interdimensional mind gets placed into the interdimensional placement of the systems in the human form; and then they can manifest simply. Then, when they die, they don’t remember a thing--they don’t remember who they are, they don’t remember what they experienced--and we can just recycle them, all the time.” HoM 23 Anu Creates Dimensions

So here it is people. In order for Anu to get his little slave race going, he needs the bodies powered by Atlanteans in spirit form. Why these human machines couldn’t be powered by some other form of energy is beyond me. Also, since they could already develop complex machines like the human body, a rudimentary artificial intelligence wouldn’t have been far beyond their capabilities. Therefore, the enslavement of the Atlanteans really wasn’t necessary. But, regardless, Anu and the mad scientists continue to defy actual common sense and simplistic efficiency. Their efforts are equivalent to using a hydrogen bomb to kill a mosquito. And as a result, the absurdly insane Anu creates another dimension where the Atlanteans will forget who they really are.

Later, there was yet another problem concerning memory and people would just go crazy and start killing each other. Jack explains memories would just sort of run together, get distorted, or whatever. To solve the problem, Anu and buddies came up with something called the soul construct. The soul construct retained all memories in the current life in an orderly cyclical database. Also, memories from previous lives were recorded and kept locked up in the solar plexus. Jack asserts that the overall purpose of the soul was to enforce separation. However, then Jack explains:

Oh, by the way, the soul construct’s entire manifestation has been removed from existence [smiles]. We decided to remove it because it has got no purpose whatsoever, and you are not your soul, at all. It was just really memories of past life experiences as different mind consciousness system placements, which you used to define who you are; and you are not that. So, we removed the soul construct from existence (in one moment [smiles]). So, you don’t have to be concerned about the soul anymore. HoM32 The Soul

The video where Jack explains this is dated August 27th 2007. The contradiction here is that if the soul construct was destroyed or eliminated, then how did people like Adolf Hitler, Alice Bailey, and Mother Theresa (whose interviews were recorded later) remember anything at all? For example when Hitler died in 1945, he would have had all his memories purged. But in the first Desteni Hitler interview he clearly shows he has retained memories through talking about experiences as a child. So if Hitler’s memories were contained in the soul construct, and the soul construct program was deleted, how does this spirit even know that he is Hitler? And for that matter, how do any of them know who or what they are? Should we believe that the ones who spoke through the Portal were exceptions to the rule? High Priest Darryl Thomas explains:

Demons have been greatly misunderstood in human history, and many beliefs about them have made erroneously attached to them. Demons in every case turned out to be human beings who died in extremely traumatic conditions, and were trapped within the emotional energetics symbolized by their deaths. A great number of these demons were children. And all demons were trapped on what was called 'the demon dimension' which was superimposed on earth.


So all these children who remembered their traumatic deaths were exceptions to the memory wipe too? Also, if this so called soul construct thing has been done away with, shouldn’t there be a lot more people going insane and losing their heads since no one should be able to retain memories in the proper sequence anymore? This seems like a serious blunder on Desteni’s part. Therefore, I would challenge Jack to wheel his old desiccated spirit corpse back into the Portal and explain this to everyone.

But, this is unlikely to happen since according to High Priestess Andrea concerning the dimensions since January 2008:

The dimensions and dimensional beings no more exist – there is no more ‘individuality’ as ‘dimensional beings’ that exists as all of dimensions and dimensional beings is now one and equal as life. Thus – all that exist currently is this existence, this world within which we experience ourselves which is within the process of amalgamating as and with life as all as one as equal – thus, the dimensions’ process is done.


Trying to make sense of Jack’s vague mushy story is like trying to straighten an old twisty tie. So, before Anu, everyone enjoyed dimensional existence. Then Anu created another dimension or dimensions where everyone would lose memories upon death. But, then Anu created a soul construct memory deposit box in order to keep order. But, now thanks to Desteni all the dimensions and dimensional beings are gone? Therefore, if the dimensions are so crystal clear now, shouldn’t there be some noticeable changes for everyone to see? What about children born after January 2008, how are they different? How is nature and the animals standing up as one having any affect as opposed to the way things were before? Or will Desteni just keep denying everything and continue practicing its own convoluted version of solipsism?

And still there are more problems. Desteni claims to have cleared the dimensions for all. However, why would Anu who had been planning and setting this whole elaborate scheme up for millions of years simply abdicate to a shabby channeler and a few new age shamans? So Jack wants all to believe that all this was done without a fight or any kind of struggle? Furthermore, how can anyone be sure that anything coming through the Portal is but another ruse and deception of Anu’s making?

3. The Separation of the Gods Problem

Jack drones on and on about how all the human designs and systems have been meant to keep everyone thinking they are separate. However, Anu, Enki, Enlil, and Marduk don’t suffer from such designs and systems and yet appear to retain some notion of individuality. While, one could argue that Enki and Enlil don’t seem to possess much individuality, Marduk on the other hand demonstrates non-oneness with Anu through his initial compassion for humanity. Also, Jack further explains:

That’s what Satya basically also did; she had kind of a “learning establishment” and a library for the children. She trained specific children for specific races to a specific cause. For instance, the planet itself had Kings and Queens and Lords and fucking Gods and Goddesses (you know, depending on what the race’s expression was) HoM3 The Library of Alcyone

Kings, queens, lords, and gods imply that all these different races had degrees of inequality and separation amongst their own people. And all this separation was kept intact without any benefit of Anu or some other megalomaniac race. So Jack wants people to think we need to get back to a state of Equality and Oneness when inequality and separation seemed to pervade the universe from the very beginning. And if the separation and inequality were present before Anu’s machinations, why did these rocket scientists go through all the trouble of making all beings feel even more separate and unequal? It all seems rather superfluous.

4. Desteni Story versus Sumerian Mythology

Desteni’s History of Mankind introduces several characters. These are: Anu, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, and Satya. The first three are drawn from Sumerian sources, while Marduk is considered primarily Babylonian in origin, and Satya is a concept taken from Hinduism and Buddhism. The only quality that Desteni’s Anu shares with the one recorded by the Sumerians is that both are supreme leaders of their kind. I suppose Desteni could claim that the reason for this is due to Anu not wanting his creation to know anything about him. But, if this is the case, why would we even know his name? Another rebuttal which Desteni could use is that the Sumerians (according to Jack in HoM38) were dimensional beings and thus were able to discover a few details regarding the designers. However, this holds scant water since Marduk was primarily a Babylonian deity. Sumerian sources concerning Marduk (under the name Amar Utu) are obscure; at best he was only considered a minor deity. Jack gives few details concerning Enki and Enlil. In fact their only function seems to be faceless designers and followers of Anu. Therefore, why did Jack even bother mentioning them? The Babylonian Marduk is depicted as a warrior god who absorbs the power of Enki and Enlil and who fights for the Annunaki against Tiamat. After defeating Tiamat, Marduk recovers the Tablets of Destiny. According to the Enuma Elish, The Tablets of Destiny allowed any god who possessed them to rule over the universe. In this way, while Marduk remained on very good terms with Anu, Enki, and Enlil, he eclipsed them all. Desteni’s version of Marduk is more like a mad scientist version of Prometheus. He seems to have a fondness for his human creations. However, after Anu and the Serpents reprogram the humans in the Garden of Eden to be complete slaves, Marduk, in a completely crazy and nonsensical fashion, takes out his anger on his human pets instead of Anu. As a result, Marduk caused women to experience pain at childbirth. Satya is the Hindu concept of ultimate truth. In Desteni, she acts a mediating librarian who arranges for Anu to meet the Atlanteans. In some ways, she bears a closer resemblance to Sophia in Gnosticism. In conclusion, Desteni’s use of Sumerian deities is nearly paper thin. Jack could have easily substituted their names with Bob, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. Also, Jack’s depiction of human history has some striking similarities with the Stargate TV series. In this way, the Ancients become the Atlanteans, the Goa’uld become Sumerian gods, the Unas become Anu’s original reptilian design, and naqahdah becomes gold.

Now we come to the crux of the issue. Desteni claims that Jack can’t lie due to being in a state of Equality and Oneness. However, High Priestess Andrea, in her videos concerning her pre-Desteni days, clearly explained to everyone how Jack was a liar and a deceiver. From what I’ve been able to show above, Jack still seems to be on lying rollercoaster and is taking everyone in Desteni for a ride. Therefore, since Jack is still lying, how can one even trust what is spoken by any other spirits speaking through the Portal? Even if you don’t think that Bernard Poolman wrote the entire pile of Desteni hogwash, it should be obviously clear to all that the Desteni spirits are not truthful, but are actually the vile deceiving demons we know from legend.

1 Timothy 4:1 – 3: The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

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