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Desteni Productions: Scrutiny of the Portal

Scrutiny of the Interdimensional Portal

Many have stated that the girl named Sunette was not a portal as the Desteni People claim. While watching many of the videos, one can see that Sunette shifts her eyes to the left on many occasions. To many, she seems to be reading from queue cards or some other such prompter. However, Desteni tried to refute this by having one or two videos where the entity spoke with her eyes shut. But, this proves very little since people have been known to memorize speeches. And having only a few videos where the speech is done with eyes shut begs any reasonable person to conclude that Desteni was only trying to cover it tracks. Another observation is that many of the deceased people she ports have none of the mannerism or characteristics of their former selves. For example, the entity known as Mikey (Adolf Hitler) acts nothing like Hitler. Also, while watching the entities interact with the world through the portal, I noticed how many of these beings do things unconsciously like scratching the nose and head. The most notable example I found was where Sunette was portaling this reptile god named Enki. Enki was giving a lecture on polarity. In the video, the shoulder of Sunette’s blouse fell exposing the bra strap. And without thinking, Enki just covered it back up just like any girl would. Therefore, if polarity is such as deception, then why does Enki care about modesty? Desteni indicates that portals existed in the past. However, I could find no literature or any records where people have claimed to be portals rather than channelers before 2007. It seems like Desteni just made up the term to add weight to their message. 

From the Desteni Website, Bernard Poolman gives his Common Sense evaluation of the Portal in order to validate the messages that have been given to Desteni. I’ll post his evaluation along with my own. Original here: desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php

1. For any being at the age of 22 to produce the volume of work in interviews and writing on website and 2 forums--is in itself a practical challenge--so--consider if you are able to do this practically yourself before jumping in an expecting what you are unable to produce.

KWP: I have another common sense explanation. The material was primarily prewritten by Bernard Poolman and given to Sunette to recite in front of a camera. Hence the reason for the abundance of leftward eye movements which denote use of queue cards or a prompter.

2. The education level of the portal is High School

KWP: This is irrelevant if my first point is true. Also, I’ve seen better actresses in high school drama clubs.

3. The practical work experience of the portal is Waitressing at a coffee shop, and admin work in capturing data.

KWP: Once again, irrelevant if my first point is true.

4. The portal grew up in a Christian home and left home at 18 years of age to work for an income.

KWP: Again, irrelevant. Furthermore, without any external evidence, we have no way to know who she is or where she came from.

5. The portal have read no mainstream books in any area of philosophy whatsoever.

KWP: Maybe she didn’t, but you certainly did Bernard since there are indications of your involvement with the occult preceding Desteni. Also, the historical material is unoriginal and based upon falsified or exaggerated evidence. (see Sitchin is Wrong: www.sitchiniswrong.com/)

6. The ability to leave the body was instant--in one breath.

KWP: Oh really? So you say.

7. The reason why other languages are not pursued is practicality--to practically in this world produced typed and video info requires time and will flood the sites --thus other languages are for each that find within themselves the resolve to stand up as life for all equal and one.

KWP: What has this got to do with validating the Portal?

8. The portal thus investigates things that people belief or assume and report on that--there is no agenda or preference but equality and oneness for all life--thus the end of enslavement of life to systems in this world and here after. 

KWP: Even if one assumes that actual spirits were communicating through the portal, there is no way to know for sure that these things were telling the truth.

9. All material should be measured from the starting point of common sense as life where all life is equal and one--any system of belief should be specifically investigated to search out separation or grandeur of greatness and specialness or exclusivity of belief or whether what is proposed is practical for all life in all ways.

KWP: However, in this case, common sense doesn’t include skepticism. If a tree falls over in the woods, should we believe that a spirit did it or Bernard Poolman and an 18 year old girl did it?

10. Due to the nature of access of the portal to ALL existence ALL the time -- it influence even in the smallest thought--thus the portal are tested daily for stability as life as all as equal.

KWP: The Portal are tested daily? How in the heck is this done? And who does the testing? Where is the objectivity? This doesn’t lend credibility, but only piles on more suspicion. 

11. Man should first see the message in the context of equality and oneness and realize that no interest exist to form any group or religion--but to support those that so wish with practical skills to live IN THIS WORLD as equal and one.

KWP: On the contrary, I think it is obvious that you are trying to form your own religion. As to who or what is actually behind this new religion is open for debate.

12. Understand that language are taught to a child from birth by the parents--it is thus programmed into the physical reality of the being--when the being dies--language dies and the being that steps across the divide is in a sound form no talking anymore--talking happens through a physical body through voice physical structures in the throat--thus some common sense please --the voice and tonality of the portal is according to the physical formation of the portal--look at the information on equality and oneness and do not let the eyes and ears deceive as one hears and sees only according to beliefs and not according to practical common sense. Thus, it is not about the voice/tonality - but the very words as the being - hear the words spoken /expressed as the being with common sense.

KWP: That is some convenient common sense. I’m glad everyone already knew this. Also, I’m wondering if the Portal knew how to speak Afrikaans as well. If she does, then Hitler would have reflexively chosen that language instead.

13. Although the portal access all beings everywhere--only some interviews will be done--in accordance to show what is equal and one as life and what is not--it is for each individual to make up their own way --because each will face their truth equal and one to what they allow themselves to be--and in this remember--you do die and will face yourself here or here after--we suggest here as here after is the truth of you anyway.

KWP: Then the Desteni Process is irrelevant since everyone can just do it after death. And again this has nothing to do with validating the Portal.

14. Due to the extensive contamination of the vocabulary and words - humans use with diverse meanings where not even two humans can agree on the meaning of the word love or the word god - Desteni have common sensically introduced specific new words and word formations to transfer the understanding of the Desteni message without contamination of the accepted disastrous world view. Thus, it may take the common sense reader a moment to get used to the way we place words. But once one do stand in self honest observation of the world, you will realize with common sense the necessity of such an approach to be able to stand with a clear message that is equal and one for all as all.

KWP: Well, I’m sure you’ll add them to your Newspeak, or rather Destenispeak, Dictionary when it finally comes out. Again, this has nothing to do with validating the Portal.

Desteni Productions made its debut on youtube in July of 2007. Besides Poolman's involvement in the occult, there was also High Priestess Andrea. Her association with Desteni begins at an early date since her interviews are dated around October of 2007. In several of the Desteni videos, Andrea admits her involvement in Wicca and using Ouija to contact spirits or demons since her days in high school. She includes details about coming from an abusive home, hating Christianity, having sex with spirits or demons, and allowing her body to be possessed by them. She relates how several demons decided to help prepare her for something very important in life. Andrea also goes into details about depression, antisocial behavior, and suicidal thoughts. Psychologically, she fits the bill of someone with schizophrenia. She continues with her strange tale about her relationship with spirit named Jack. On several occasions this being lies to her before eventually revealing himself to her as both a demon and her guide. After many years of having this relationship, she encounters two people named Winged and Eagle (who I’m guessing is Mr. Poolman and Sunette). And thus Andrea’s involvement in Desteni began.

For anyone to accept Andrea’s testimony, he or she would have to discount three other possibilities. The first possibility is that she is completely schizophrenic, the second is that she is complete liar, and the third is that she is telling the truth but her guide isn’t. By Andrea’s own admission, Jack demonstrated that he was a liar. However, Desteni would have us believe that Jack can’t lie when he speaking through the Portal because they are in a state of equality and oneness. This belief is utterly absurd and defies both logic and common sense. Even if I accept that Jack and other demons speak through the Portal, it is quite evident that the demons are prone to lying, anger, and driving people toward suicide. Furthermore, from watching the interview, I have concluded that Andrea suffers from a delusion of grandeur while simultaneously keeping her mind locked in a fantasy world where she doesn’t have to get a job or worry about stress. Whenever she is presented with obstacles, it appears that she invents excuses to stay in her fantasy world. It is a world filled with demons, self enlightenment, and a destiny to spread her new religion.

To see Andrea's Interview (episode 1) go here: www.youtube.com/watch

Lastly, if the Portal really was valid, why didn't Team Desteni take her to portal in entities while amongst objective observers. I mean would it have been such a big deal to bring about 20 or so eyewitnesses to the farm? I mean even Our Lady of Fatima had the Miracle of the Sun. But, alas, followers of Desteni just give a pie in the sky answer and tell people to concentrate on the message rather than the messenger. I've seen on several message boards where people bring up these problems but Team Desteni just sweeps them under the rug. Sorry guys, my common sense tells me that if there something wrong with the messenger then there is probably something wrong with the message.